Team Melbourne

Team Melbourne is an umbrella group comprising clubs and individuals involved in Melbourne’s queer sports and recreation scene.

Team Melbourne provides access and opportunities for the GLBTI community to participate in sport and recreation.

We aim to unite Melbourne’s GLBTI sport and recreation community, and lead the development of GLBTI sport and recreation clubs by facilitating the sharing of knowledge between these organisations.

Through our community alliances, we promote diversity and acceptance, using sport and recreation as a vehicle for social change in order to achieve equality, regardless of sexuality.

Team Melbourne is creating access to sport and recreation for people of all abilities and ages.

Team Melbourne History

Team Melbourne evolved from a gathering of Melbourne’s queer sporting clubs in December 2004 to begin planning for involvement in the international queer sporting meets in 2006 (the Chicago Gay Games and Montreal Outgames).  Originally called “Queer Sports Alliance Melbourne” (QSAM), the name was changed early in 2012 to be inline with other city-based groups and be more recognisable.

Team Melbourne has emerged for and by Melbourne’s queer sporting clubs in lieu of any other partnership, alliance or central leadership from pre-existing organisations.

In October 2014 Team Melbourne was recognised in the inaugural GLOBE Community Awards.  These Awards highlight the work and contributions of all types of organisations and individuals that benefit or unite the GLBTI community.  The Awards were judged by Sunday Age Political Editor Farah Tomazin, Lady Mayoress of Melbourne Emma Page Campbell and the Honourable Michael Kirby. Team Melbourne was awarded the “Networking the GLBTI Community” Award for engaging Victorians who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex.

The 2014 Team Melbourne Sports Day was one of three finalists in the “Healthy Community” category for improving the physical and/or mental health of the GLBTI community in Victoria.