Membership form (downloadable)

The 2016-2017 Membership Application form is downloadable here or you can complete the application online here for clubs or here for an individual

Please provide all details requested.  It is important for contact with your Club and officers. The Form should be completed, scanned and returned by email to ts-registrar @ (removing anti-spam spaces).

If you have any questions contact the Registrar by email (as above).

Alternatively, hand-written forms can be posted to:
Team Sydney Inc
PO Box 1037
Darlinghurst  NSW  1300

Membership fees are:

  • Clubs, Teams and Organisations:  $77 ($55, if paid by the due date)
  • Clubs with fewer than 20 members:  $25 ($15, if paid by the due date)
  • Individuals:  $25 ($15, if paid by the due date)
  • Life Members:  Free of charge

Banking details are on the bottom of the form.