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Founded in 1991, Team Sydney promotes sport, fitness and healthy lifestyles among Sydney’s diverse community sports organisations.  We help connect and promote over thirty member organisations, representing several thousand individual sportspeople.

Team Sydney member organisations are non-discriminatory and welcome the participation of all sportspeople.  We support inclusion and diversity.  If you are a beginner, a week-end casual participant or a serious athlete, you will likely find a way to play your sport in a welcoming, fun and supportive environment.  Use the sports contacts shown here.

Many member Clubs compete in the wider community at district and state/national competitions.  Some offer annual competitions and training programmes to encourage individual improvement and participation at major national and international events.

Team Sydney is a non-profit organisation staffed by volunteers and, in addition to organising local events such as the sports presence at Mardi Gras Fair Day and Parade, and social events for member organisations throughout the year, Team Sydney represents their member organisations to organisers of international inclusive sports events such as the Gay Games and Outgames.

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