Team Sydney Inc is governed by a Board of up to twelve Directors; the Directors being elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to serve for a term of two years.

Up to six of those Directors may be nominated by the Sports Council (which directly represents member organisations).  These Directors serve a two-year term.

The remaining six positions, together with any positions not filled by the Sports Council, are elected from volunteers who present themselves for election at the AGM.  These Directors serve a two-year term.

The Board may fill any casual vacancies, including those left vacant at the AGM, as it deems appropriate.  These Directors serve until the AGM following their appointment.

Retiring Directors may offer themselves for re-election in accordance with constitutional requirements.

At the Board meeting immediately following the AGM, five executive positions are elected from among the Directors.  The executive positions are:


Each other Director is expected to volunteer for and/or undertake a specific task from among those projects/events determined by the Board; for example

Sports Village at Fair Day Sports Festival during Mardi Gras
Communications/Newsletter Marketing Projects and similar
Events Management Women’s Involvement

Team Sydney’s Board is a team working to assist its member organisations and to promote in the Community at large a healthy lifestyle through participation in sport.

The following Team Sydney Directors were elected at the Annual General Meeting in 2017 or appointed subsequently.

Position / Responsibility Name
President Stuart Mackay
Vice President Leah Brumer
Secretary, Registrar, Public Officer
Norman Mitchell
Acting Treasurer Andrew Farrell
Fair Day Coordinator Penny Gulliver
Mardi Gras Coordinator Andrew Farrell
Online Engagement Officer Neil Cossor
Women’s Coordinator Penny Gulliver

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The Board encourages enquiries from people who would like to help this sports organisation make a contribution to our community.