Sydney Convicts Rugby Club

The Sydney Convicts are Australia’s first gay and inclusive Rugby Union club. Founded in 2004, the Convicts are a group committed to building a competitive, social and diverse club.

The Convicts compete in the Sydney Suburban Rugby Union championship (Subbies), under the umbrella of Woollahra Colleagues RFC.

Who Plays for The Convicts?

The Club is a diverse mix of players committed to Rugby from all backgrounds and aged 18 to 55. While many Convicts players identify as  homosexual or bisexual, there are a number of players and officials who identify as heterosexual.

Why people join the Convicts

Our members are motivated to play with the Convicts for a range of reasons, including:

  • The love of rugby union
  • Health, fitness, physical and mental development
  • Friendship and camaraderie of a positive team environment
  • A sense of community involvement
  • National and international rugby tours

Community Involvement and Fund Raising

The Convicts are active within the Sydney LGBTI community and regularly assist organisations such as ACON promoting health and wellness messages to the community.

The club raises funds to maintain our teams in the our domestic competition and in order to travel to international tournaments, such as the World Cup of gay rugby, the Bingham Cup.

Fund raising activities include film screenings, band nights, trivia contests and the now infamous Rugger Bugger events which feature the boys performing a “Full Monty” show.