Surry Hills Netball Club


The Surry Hills Netball Club formed in 2002, shortly before the Sydney Gay Games in November of that year. The Imperial Netball Team from The Gay Games is also incorporated into the Surry Hills Netball Club.

The Club is a friendly group of members playing in gay friendly teams about the inner east and inner west of Sydney. They provide much entertainment with their playful antics, and socialising antics that come with that …

Our Aims and Objectives are: 

1. Encourage SHNC activities: To encourage, foster, promote and develop interest and participation in SHNC activities both competitively and socially.

2. Affiliate with relevant organizations: In pursuit of this 1, to liaise and deal with other bodies, in both the gay and lesbian community and the wider community within New South Wales, throughout Australia and internationally that are beneficial.

3. Make the club accessible to everyone who would like to join.

4. Operate as a Not For Profit (NFP) incorporated association.