outboard_logoOutBoard was founded in 1995 as a learn-to-snowboard event. Over the years it has grown to into an online social networking website that serves as a social extension of our events allowing our members to stay in touch and maintain friendships.

What are OutBoard’s Core Values?

OutBoard is first of all about snowboarding and can be best described as being:

Like Family

Inclusive of Others

Fostering Camaraderie

International in Nature

How Do I Become a Member?

Membership in OutBoard is free. All that is required to access the website/community is an OutBoard.org account.

OutBoard is Based in Denver, CO, But I Live Elsewhere, Can I Still Join?

OutBoard is an international GLBT snowboard organization and therefore we welcome members from around the world.

What Kind of Events Does OutBoard Produce?

OutBoard puts on a large snowboarding event (OutBoard 201X) each spring in the mountains of Colorado where several hundred of our members from around the world gather for 5 days of snowboarding, group meals, parties and events. OutBoard also organizes several day trip events each snowboarding season in Colorado including Hooky Days and Virgin Days. Registration details and participation requirements will be posted on the website for each event.

We are always looking for new ways to bring snowboarding to other areas. If you have an idea or would like to help us put on an event in your area, please contact us.

Are Skiers Welcome?

OutBoard is an inclusive organization. Although OutBoard was founded as and continues to be primarily a snowboarding organization, skiers are more than welcome to join our community and attend our events.

Does OutBoard Offer a Way For Its Members To Learn To Snowboard/Ski?

OutBoard coordinates several day trips a year here in Colorado including Virgin Days along with our premier event, OutBoard 201″X”. Be sure to watch the events calendar on the website or contact us with any questions.