Spectres Australia Basketball Club (Sydney)

Logo-SydneySpectresBasketball-150pxW72dpi-18.8KBUniting culture through basketball

The Sydney Spectres Basketball Club provides all members of the community, regardless of age, skill level or sexual orientation, with a supportive and socially inclusive environment to participate as part of a GLBTQ friendly basketball club. The club caters for individuals of all ages and skill levels with opportunities to develop their athletic ability, compete as part of a team and socialise with like-minded individuals.

The Spectres were founded in 2001 and the following year participated in the 2002 Sydney Gay Games. From those humble beginnings, the Spectres have since grown to 9 registered men’s and women’s teams, competing in the City of Sydney Basketball competition at the Alexandria Basketball Stadium. The teams compete in a number of divisions and consist of both novice and experienced players, all with a passion for basketball and commitment to the club’s core principles of social inclusion and improved fitness and skill levels.

Mission Statement >>>>>>

The Sydney Spectres Gay & Lesbian Basketball Club provides an environment free from harassment and discrimination for members and friends of the GLBTQ community to play basketball and fulfill their athletic aspirations.

Our Committments >>>>>>

The Sydney Spectres Gay & Lesbian Basketball Club is committed to:

  • Providing members and friends of the GLBTQ community with a supportive and socially inclusive environment to participate as part of the club regardless of age, skill level or sexual orientation;
  • Providing opportunities for club members to enhance their athletic aspirations and improve fitness levels;
  • Providing opportunities to meet and socialise with like-minded individuals;
  • Creating a sense of community and a welcoming environment for all new and existing members;
  • Eliminating stereotypes and allowing all members of the community to partake in organised sporting activity without fear of intolerance or discrimination; and,
  • Providing opportunities for GLBTQ youth.